How to Find a D&D Group

So you've decided you want to start playing Dungeons and Dragons, have gathered all your dice and supplies and have created your very own character. Now all you need is to find some people to play D&D with you. This article will answer your burning questions about how to find (or start) a Dungeons and Dragons play group. How many players do you need? Where can you find players? Who are the right people to ask to play with you? Your options are actually more numerous than you may first assume. Given the increasing popularity of Dungeons and Dragons [...]

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Artificial Intelligence: DM of the Future?

Imagine playing a game in a world with infinite possibilities where your adventurers could endlessly explore and any action is possible? That’s essentially playing D&D with a human DM. But what if you wanted this experience without a DM, or rather, had an artificial intelligence take the role of DM? Game developer, Nick Walton, and his team have brought this possibility to life in their text-based role-playing game, AI Dungeon 2.Still in development (but very much playable), AI Dungeon 2 harnesses the powerful GPT-2 algorithm created by OpenAI which uses a state-of-the-art text generation system to allow players to play [...]

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10 Reasons to Play D&D (2021)

With the recent growth in popularity of Dungeons & Dragons, our favorite table top role-playing game is slowly making its way into the mainstream. Have you only just heard of D&D but wondering if you should take the plunge? Or are you a seasoned player looking to expand your group and share your passion with others? Read on and let me give you 10 reasons to play D&D, the world’s greatest role-playing game. Nerd Culture is Cool The nerds are taking over and we can’t get enough of them! We’re starting to see it [...]

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D&D Christmas Gift Buying Guide (2021)

With December now upon us, Christmas is right around the corner. As you work your way through your Christmas gift list, you may be wondering what to get that special Dungeons and Dragons lover in your life. Don't fret because the Game Out team has put together this D&D Christmas Gift Buying Guide so you can spread the D&D love this holiday season. For the Newbie Help encourage new players you may know by setting them up with the D&D essentials so they can join your next session. Or perhaps you know someone [...]

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