• Acid Mist features a green and yellow vapor effect. This set includes a 33 mm d20 and additional 16 mm d6 with the Dice Envy lion logo.
  • Aquarius

    Aquarius features four layers of translucent acrylic: green, aqua blue, violet, and purple. They’re inked in white for clean contrast. Air signs, represent!
  • Arcanus

    The body calls. You obey. This polyhedral dice set is made of crystal clear acrylic swirled with magical purple vapor, perfect for any player who knows CHA is the most important stat.
  • Blight

    So in the battle against your campaign’s BBEG, the Bard went down and failed their death saves before your Cleric could get to them. But never fear, the warlock that dabbles in necromancy can totally take care of things. This will be fine. Cut to a week later, and the Bard doesn’t seem to sleep or eat anymore, and their eyes don’t always blink at the same time. Also, did they always eat their steaks so raw? Uh, I’m sure it’s FINE. Blight features the same beautiful blue and purple swirls of color as Numa Bliss, but with speckles of black corruption throughout. They’re the perfect set of polyhedral dice for any characters with a neutral or evil alignment, or any player that appreciates foreshadowing a face-heel turn!
  • Bliss

    The Bliss Dice Set includes nine polyhedral dice.  It includes a d4, d6, d8, d12, d10, d%, d20, with an extra large d6 and 33mm d20.
  • Now, we’re not normally ones to hype up conspiracy theories *kicks Chemtrails dice set under the rug* but when we learned about the Berenstain Bears, we knew that somehow our whole company had jumped dimensions. That makes much more sense than us misremembering a book title from our early childhoods, right? Anyway, here’s evidence #2 of our quantum leap: Celestain! This set looks oh-so-close to our customer favorite Celestine, but has a slightly altered tone to the blush pink base. Celestain has the same gold and glitter fill and bronze inking of Celestine, but we just wanted any other travelers from the original timeline to be aware of the subtle difference. Celestain is a 10-piece set that comes with the standard 7 polyhedrals, plus a chonky boi 33mm d20, a Brockton d6, and an infinity d4!
  • Calling all evil-aligned PCs and adversarial GMs! We took the three most prominent colors associated with baddies from the House of Mouse (black, smoky purple, and lime green) and swirled them together for a vapor dice set worthy of its own Villain Song! Those poor, unfortunate souls could never be prepared for the hellfire you have in store!
  • Do you remind people of the babe? The babe with the power? The power of voodoo? Then you definitely need our new Dice Goblin King set! #DiceMagicDice
  • Skill up your Craft (Armor) with these dragon bone bois.
  • Fifolet


    On strange nights in the Bayou, you can sometimes see an eerie greenish light beckoning you towards the swamp and the unknown dangers of the marshy waters. This trickster glow is known as the fifolet, a New World cousin of the Will-O-Wisp. They say if you can survive the night, you’ll be led to wondrous treasures...will you follow?

    Fifolet is a clear acrylic dice set with green iridescent microglitter and a rare pearlescent wisp of silvery swirl. The teal ink gives the set an otherworldly aura perfect for any ethereal character at your TTRPG table.

  • Watch video in product description for better view. Hard to photograph but amazing to roll! This 33 mm d20 has inclusions of a skull and femurs. Because, sometimes those oozes don't come in cubes. White d20 for comparison purposes.
  • The Hot Sauce Dice Set includes nine polyhedral dice.  They are a beautiful and perfect nerdy gift.  Use them for all d20 RPG dice based role-playing games.

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